What are the fees when I apply?

When you apply you will pay $445 total. $45 of that total is an application fee. The remaining $400 will become your security deposit when you move in. If we do not have a floor plan type that meets your waitlist preferences your security deposit is refunded.

If I have a roommate how do we apply to the same apartment?

You apply separately but you will put your roommate's name under "Preferred Roommate" on your application.

How do you select roommates for roommate matching?

We match you with roommates based on school, classification, characteristics, and preferences that you fill out. 

What do utilities cost?

Heat, water, sewer, garbage, and recycling are included in your rent. Residents are responsible for electric which is approximately $50 a month.

Do I need a guarantor?

Yes, unless you provide proof of income that meets three times the monthly rent.

Can I change the move-in date or have an early move-in?

No, move-in dates are set and there are no early move-ins. 

What is the length of my lease?

We offer 10-month leases. We also offer summer contracts for those that renew. 

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